We use intentionally our own separate system for control – either on the basis of SPS or an embedded industrial PC.

These modular systems are assembled with so-called cranks so that we are easily able to install bigger systems. Even existing systems can be expanded without difficulty.

The control programme developed by Munckhof has proved its value in numerous and complex systems.

Many tasks can be performed by already existing software modules:

  • alarm management
  • fresh water preparation (de-ironing)
  • storage tank management
  • water preparation (disinfection)
  • unit mixing (EC-water)
  • controlled water discharge on the basis of sections
  • drain water installations
  • roof irrigation
  • rain automats
  • ebb and flow systems
  • sprinklers
  • night frost monitoring

The system can easily be adjusted to customer requirements and can also be integrated into other systems.