Unit here stands for water treatment installations. The pretreated, cleansed and disinfected water is mixed with fertilizer and nutrient solutions.

Several pumps provide compounded water which flows through the disinfection to the mixing tank. The unit contains the system pump which transports the water to the greenhouse or to the reservoirs. There are also one or more pumps to dose fertilizer and nutrients into an adequately dimensioned mixing tank. Both are done on the basis of the latest EC-value measured and registered online. In most cases a second sensor has controlling function. This sensor can also be used for regulation in case of failure of the first sensor. The measurement and registration of the pH-value has also a control function. Control of the pH-value should not be necessary as a properly calculated schedule guarantees a proper pH-value.

After further filtration the water is forwarded either to greenhouse or reservoir. This unit can also be integrated into our automation concept like all other parts of the system.