Irrigation with Telescopes

Irrigation with telescopes has been an approved system for years. The basic idea during development was to solve the problems of the disadvantages of traditional irrigation with stands or decoilers.

Advantages of irrigation with telescopes:

  • little effort in preparation
  • immediate application
  • no heavy labour in preparation
  • no obstacle during harvesting and culturing
  • no damage to plants by pipe laying etc.
  • long operational life
  • possibility of fertilizer addition

The precision of the installation offers the facility to adjust the water quantity to daily evaporation with the highest possible efficiency. This can be compensated during the night.

Work on the preparation of telescope irrigation is practically zero. With this construction there are no obstacles in working cultivations whether by deep spading, ploughing or seed bed preparation. Nothing will stand in your way.

The system’s core is the telescope. The telescopes are manufactured from PVC pipes according to DIN 8061/8062 ND 10 and so applicable under the most severe conditions.

The distribution pipes can be installed firmly at a depth of 80 to 100 cm. The telescopes are then installed on the distribution pipes at the distance required. The telescope stands can be reeled-out by water pressure. Then the sprinklers just have to be mounted and the installation can be used throughout the whole season. At the end of the season the sprinklers are removed and the telescopes retracted under ground. The complete system can be discharged to a depth of 50 to 80 cm depending on the depth of the distribution pipes. Hence the whole area can be cultivated without obstacle.